July 9th FIRST Tech Challenge Outreach – Cherokee HS Marlton NJ

2 07 2011

July 9th FIRST Tech Challenge Outreach – Cherokee HS Marlton NJ

This looks to be a blast!  I hope to go in the morning (9am) to check it out!

Hope to see you there!


Thank you! See you in August!

15 06 2011

We had our last meeting of the season yesterday.  The girls enjoyed the “Emperors New Groove” and the ice cream NXT Cake.  Here is a video of robots making food!

We will plan to meet in July for Soulsational!

Have a great summer!  Thanks for your continued support.

Mr. Rich


Meeting Today! Llama Logo and other things..

7 06 2011

E. Coli outbreak in Europe kills 23, over 2000 sick the largest outbreak of food poisoning to date.

Another article Newsweek: Rise of the Superbacteria and the book:  Microcosm: E. Coli will be available (requested from library)

Meeting Tie Dye #2 Redo at Cy’s

24 05 2011

Only 100 days until kick off!!!  Thank you CY for hosting our event.  Our 2nd round of shirts turned out great. Work on your idea’s for the team logo and bring them for our next meeting. We are not meeting this Friday, Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend break!

See you Tuesday at our regular place/time

Meeting Tuesday May 10th, 2011

10 05 2011

Meeting Min. May 10, 2011:

Great video of the Genius GS FLL team that went to the Worlds!

Warm up activity:  Girls made a commitment to participate in the 2011 Food Factor season by writing in their journals one of the following: We will continue to have them answer all three in future meetings.

  • What does Gracious Professionalism means to me.
  • Reflections on the 2010 FLL season, how was it great, how can we make it great,
  • What they expect to accomplish with the 2011 season, What are my goals for the new season.

Brainstorm activity:  Discuss the attending of Soulsational and Wellness Festival July 30, 2011 10am – 9pm : Girls will brainstorm the planning for this event and start our next season brainstorming scroll using a long roll of paper.

  • Tied dye bandanas were mentioned in addition to making our team shirts for the next FLL Season. We will need to coordinate getting the materials (die, shirts, bandanas, rubberbands, buckets, etc). Cathy has a kit we can use left over.
  • Making swaps (llama pin, recycled craft, paper cranes or any other ideas will be discussed)
  • We have a pop up tent and will need to arrange coverage time for those that plan to attend.
  • Team Name: Llama? have to discuss logo, themed hats/outfits and the team cheer/song “happy llama, sad llama…”

Craft activity:  Girls expressed interest in making duct tape items and we will let them create what they wish. (donated by Mr Rich)

Reminder of team dues: We have a seasonal deadline of June 30th as per GSJS to close out our 2010 season and start our 2011 season.  I would like to have all interested 2011FLL team members:

See you at our regular time. Here are the  Happy Llama Song lyrics

Meeting on Friday May 6th

5 05 2011

Mr. Glen will be introducing Debugging.  Check out this cool robot(s)

New for 2011 Food Factor:

FIRST Championship in St. Louis April 27-30th!

25 04 2011

Watch the NASA Live Webcast Here! and other HECTV will host live streaming on Friday and Saturday!

Great Video if the live is not up and running and a great link to share with your family and friends

Morgan Freeman invites you to attend the FIRST World Championship!

This would be something to see in person.  We should discuss trying to organize a road trip in 2012!

National Robotics Week Saturday April 9th to Sunday April 17th

9 04 2011

Here are some links:

GIRL Scout Team “Flying Monkeys”!!!  from Ames, Iowa, will receive up to $20,000 from the X PRIZE Foundation toward patenting their invention, called the BOB-1. There and inspiration to all GS FLL Teams! Congrats Girls!

Local Events!

Notable FLL Teams!

Silly LEGO

Food Factor Project Ideas

Pick the 2013 FLL Theme! Genius GS Team Advances to Worlds!

27 03 2011

FIRST Promo Video with Will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas!

Girl Scout Teams Genius from Atlanta GA and LOL Comets from Los Angeles (400Pts!) take state championship awards and advances to the World Festival! Go Girl Scouts! Go Genius and LOL Comets!!! Also another FIRST All Girl School All Girl Team! S.M.A.R.T! Go Girls!

Take the survey and your idea might be the 2013 FLL Challenge!

Girl Power: FIRST Robotics Competition in Scientific American!

Here are some Pictures from the March 11 GSCJ FLL Scrimmage! More to follow TBA

A Great Blog to Watch.  Check out this cool FLL comic strip!

Our Tuesday/Friday Meetings are going very well with the girls working on those missions we just didn’t have time to try. Maryellen programmed and completed the stent mission! Kristen is learning ultrasonic range steering. Mr Glen has been teaching the girls Analog programming. We have been working on improving line following and using sensors better. All material that has been taught (will be taught!) can be found here – See Training!

JrFLL Spring Expo was Sunday, March 20th. It was a Big Success!

2 03 2011

Thanks to all that participated!!!  Here is the link to the Event

Thank you also to all the volunteers that worked to make the event the best ever!

LRC  just recently released a new documentary about NJ FLL and Jr.FLL. You can take a look: success


A Jr.FLL team is very easy to form. Just need to have kids who like to play with LEGO and a parent who is willing to be a coach. Perhaps we can grow new Jr.FLL teams in to join our event in March. See Jr.FLL Link for details